Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Precious Moments

God is amazing! When life gets almost to heavy to handle He gives little moments to make breathing possible.

While we were gone for 2 weeks sleep just wasn't fun for Grace. Now that we are home, she gets so excited to go to bed. She smiles and kicks and giggles.

*Seeing my little ones sleep in their cribs. I wanted to pick them up last night to snuggle. Just a moment with them in my arms. Of course I knew better. I had been counting down all day until bed time.

*Wearing grandma's Christmas outfits and socks. It made my heart swell.

*Being stopped throughout the store to take a peak at the little ones. SO BLESSED AM I!

*Seeing my little ones so tired from a busy morning fall asleep while drinking their bottles.

*Grace opening her mouth BIG AS DAY to take a spoon full of food. THEN when I switched from applesauce to beans the look on her face.

I am beyond blessed to have these little joys in my life. Today I held them just a little tighter. Kissed them just a little more. Literally breathed them in to help me move today.


  1. hold onto these moments, soak them in...you are SO right, it's moments like these that make the hard days manageable. :) Glad God blessed you with some beautiful moments the last couple days. :)

  2. What a great post! You do have much to be thankful for. Let those little blessings bring all the joy they can to your heart!

  3. Your post makes me want to go wake Rebecca up and snuggle with her :)

    You are a great mom! God has blessed you tremendously. :)

  4. Hi! I am new to your blog. I actually came to it by going back through old posts on my blog. You congratulated me over a year ago on my pregnancy. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I'm praying for you. Have a blessed Christmas!

  5. What a great Mommy you are!! How great it is that you are truly taking the time to enjoy them!
    Happy New Year, God Bless You!

  6. I'm a friend of a friend.
    I hope you're doing alright- may 2010 be a year of blessings for you and your children.

  7. Your babies sound wonderful. I'm glad you have them there to breathe in when you need them. Wishing you a good 2010, I hope it all gets easier.