Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Never Ends

I got an email today from a friend. She needed legal advice and knew I had already sought mine. Her husband of 7 years began having an affair back in January. He called her on Sunday from training wanting a divorce. She just had their second baby. They just sold their house. He is moving on to probably to start a new life with his 'lover'. What has this world come to?

We talked on the phone for a very long time. We are the only ones who know each others pain. I wish I didn't have this experience to share with her. I know she feels the same. My DB is going to talk to her DB this weekend. I am hoping he can talk some sense into him. How ironic.

I watched Dr. Phil this week, MISTAKE, on the mistresses side of the story. I will NEVER understand. Why would someone want a man with a family? Why would this person think it was okay to continue on with the relationship knowing 'she' was destroying lives? I am not taking the blame off of 'him' in any way. BUT...

I wish I was rich. I would take my friend away some place to bash and cry and listen to screaming man hating music. A break would be nice for me too. We will just have to be content in helping each other long distance.

Selfishness sickens me.


  1. I'm so very sorry, that is my worst nightmare. I continue to ask, how could she.... (the other woman). There is definitely a place for "ow could he" as well, but as a woman, I can't understand. I don't understand. It should be like a sisterhood...... shame on her.

  2. Sunny - I am playing catchup a little:
    Rose, you are right. SHAME ON HER. Shame on him for the second thought and carelessness and the adultery, but truly you are right. The question, "Why another would a woman chase a married man?" will never, NEVER have a good enough answer to satisfy my sensibilities. There is something wrong at the core with someone who has that compulsion, and the nerve to act upon it...

    AND... I <3 SUNNY! ;-)