Friday, October 16, 2009

A Day of Rememberance

Yesterday was Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. I know it was yesterday. I didn't forget. In fact I will never forget it. My sweet <3 friend mourns that day. I go to bed thinking about her every October 14th. I wake up thinking about her. My heart will always hurt on that day.

As the day ended I stopped and looked at my sweet little twins and said a prayer. I kissed their noses. I breathed them in. I thought of my little angel. How she would be talking and all in their business. I thought of all my friends' angels and how we would have had the best playdates. And of course I wondered if my little angel were living, would he have felt so empty that he needed to fill his void with her. Funny how life comes full circle.

I know I am a day late but I needed yesterday to hold it for just me. Sending out my love, thoughts, prayers and hugs to my fellow sisters who have walked the road of loss. We will always remember and never forget.


  1. I thought of your little angel yesterday too and I thought of our little angel and am so thankful they have each other in heaven.

  2. I thought of all of our angels yesterday as well. I bet they are all best of friends!! This hits especially hard this year. I handed out quite a few more hugs and kisses yesterday and today than in years past.

  3. I read of an interesting perspective on miscarriage the other day. You may have heard it already .. I really hope it's not inappropriate ....

    The story goes .. that a midwife was pregnant with her second baby ... a baby that was never held in her mother's arms b/c there was a miscarriage. After that miscarriage the midwife thought her child bearing years were over. Her son, 12 years old, on seeing his mom crying for her angel said ... "Mom, you have to try to get pregnant again. Our spirit baby is waiting for us." He went on to explain that when a baby is lost to miscarriage it becomes a spirit baby and waits in heaven until the family conceives again. He also told her that some spirit babies never get the chance to be born. He was so insistent that their spirit baby needed to be born that his mom and dad decided to try again and conceived and gave birth to his sister. His mom wrote that she had never really discussed miscarriage with her son and had no clue how/where he came up with this little fable. It was so healing for her heart though. Reading your post, Sunny, reminded me of this story. It's from a book called 'Baby Catchers' by Peggy Vincent.

    Here's the full story: