Friday, July 29, 2011

Mom Guilt

Maybe I should really just call this fill in the blank guilt.
*Friend Guilt
*Wife Guilt
*Girl friend Guilt
*Work Guilt
The list goes on and on. You have expectations of yourself and you just don't meet up to them. You let the little voice in your head tell you how you failed.

Today my kids slept like poop. I was hoping nap time would be better but then it was poop. Poop sleep equals poop behaviors. Right now as I am typing this my girl is sitting in timeout screaming her head off. She can be so stubborn. The timeout is because she screamed for more chips and tv. The beginning of the guilt.

We watch too much tv. I try to limit it to just the morning and then maybe before bed but days like this when naps are short we watch more. The next thing I know they won't stop begging for it. THAT is when there has been too much tv. TV never killed me as a kid but I can hear those voices telling me all kinds of 'you are a bad mom' talk.

Snack today was chips. My kids LOVE THEM! I wanted to give them something to make them happy. We ended in some apple to try and balance it out. I do the same with mac & cheese and a can of carrots. Balancing the guilt.

A life without this silly guilt. Here's a little look into my guilt head... I should...
*call my dad more
*check on my friends
*be a better listener
*stop putting things off
*have quiet times
*exercise (I truly hate it)

What are some of your guilts? We need a place where we can share and not see judgment or even answers. Just share our hearts. Get the guilt out of our heads. Sometimes just speaking or typing them makes them fly away. So share... make your guilt fly far far away!

Both kids are now laughing and being silly, for now!


  1. Ugh. I hate mommy and everything else guilt and I too live in it. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're better at some of the things on your list than you think :-)

    So glad to be hearing you again over the blogosphere my friend!

  2. Oh yeah. That damn TV. My little guy watches too much of that too, and I have guilt about that too.

    The friend thing . . . I'm with you on that too.

    Spend less time on the computer and more time listening to my 2 talkative girls.

    Eat less and better.

    Spend less money.

    Are those enough? B/c I've got more where those came from.

  3. I truly hate exercise too.
    I yell at my kids too much.
    I eat too much junk.
    I let my kids watch too much TV.
    I spend too much time reading blogs. :)
    I should journal more.
    Blah, blah, least I'm no serial killer.

  4. I am an expert at Mommy Guilt! I go through seasons where I am really good at knowing that *I* am just the mom my kids need... then I go through seasons where I am convinced that there has been some big mistake and someone should come take these kids!

  5. Just popping in to see how you were doing?